Monday, 20 February 2012

February Glossybox

This month I paid for two Glossyboxes by accident, ooops! I've only opened one so far though and was planning on sending the other back and getting my money back, but I'm pretty tempted to open it now it's here.. but then I may have the dilemma that it is the same one as I've already got, hmmm decisions decisions......Anyway, first impressions of this box? Not amazing to be honest.

I've already tried the 'Duwop' venom lip-gloss, it's something I have to do haha. I actually like this! I love the tingling feeling it gives, and I like the colour of it too, also it smells nice which is always a plus!
The 'BM Beauty' pure mineral eyeshadow doesn't amaze me, as I have a very similar colour already, plus the packaging is a bit plain for me.
 The 'Como Shambhala' body lotion smells really good but I have sooo many samples of body lotion, so this is just another one in the pile to try out for me I'm afraid.
The 'DR Bronner' magic liquid soap has intrigued me because it says on the bottle 18-in-1 different uses, so I'd love to find out what they are.
Finally, the 'Paul Mitchell' Round Trip hair product is something I'm looking forward to trying, It's purpose is to add bounce and detail to curls and waves. Too bad my hair isn't naturally curly...
Shall I open my other box??

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