Saturday, 17 December 2011

Soap & Glory - Big Splendour

Hiii :) Now I was in Boots on Tuesday, and this biiiig momma caught my eye, so I looked at the price tag as you do which was £60.00, now I don't have this kind of money especially at this time of the year so I sadly walked away, until one of the women told me it would be going down to £25.00 on Friday! So I'd be saving £35.00, which to me is pretty amazing. As I was working yesterday, I wouldn't have been able to go and get it, so I asked my boyfriend to, and he did which I was very thankful for, especially as he walked round town with a big pink bag :)

You get 10 full-sized products, so you are in reality paying £2.50 per item. I haven't used all of the items yet, as I only got it yesterday, but the ones in which I have tried, I'll tell you a bit about them.

The first one, 'Pulp Fiction' is a body scrub, which I did use last night. It has a gritty texture which I love, as I needed a new exfoliator anyway. It smells so nice, just like most of the Soap & Glory stuff. You only need a little bit, and it goes a long way. My skin did feel lovely and soft after using it. The 'face soap' is not techniqually a soap, but I really do love this. Its purpose is to 'brighten your complex'. Again, you only need a little bit. Its quite a thick texture also with little gritty bits in. My face felt so clean afterwards, I will defintely be using this often!

'Hand Food' and 'Heel Genius' are both products I got last Christmas, so I am familiar with them already. My hands are so so dry as I suffer from bad Eczema, especially in the winter, so this hand cream is a saviour as it's so moisturising, the smell is gorgeous too. Only downside I would say it's not very absobent and takes a while to soak in. The foot cream is also very moisturising, but I only use it every so often so the effect isn't lasting for me, also I'm not keen on the smell.

'Calm One, Calm All' is a 'Stress Battling Softening Bubble Bath', now tbh, it didn't really help me de-stress, but it did smell yummy and made me smell all nice haha. I used the 'Clean On Me' today, which has a built in moisturiser, which is good cause I do have really dry skin. Again, it smells nice and it is a nice body wash to use especially for special occasions, where you want to smell nice and feel nice. nice nice nice!

Haven't used either of these yet, but I have used 'Sexy Mother Pucker' lipgloss in the past, I absolutley love the feel of it, although it is a bit sticky. I do like the colour, as I think it suits my skintone, the staying power isn't excellent though, unless things have changed over a year or so! The body spray smells lovely, not sure if I will get a lot of use out of it though, but we will see.

Last two items now. First off, 'The Righteous Butter' which is a body moisturiser containing shea butter and aloe vera. You apply it to damp skin, which I've never done, and it does have a nice effect and softens your skin, you only need to use a little bit too! The make-up wipes, I was a bit reluctant to use at first, because i literally stick to simple facial wipes, as I've had ones in the past which make my skin all red and puffy. I did use one last night in the end, and it takes off your make-up really well, it didn't sting or have any other effect which I was happy about, once again, probably getting sick of me saying it, but they smell goood :)

So thats it, I am really happy I got this even though I'd never tried most of the products before. Such a good bargain too and it was a nice little Christmas present for myself - like i can afford it, but hey! Thanks for reading :) xxxxxxx